We have learned quite a few things over the last 30 years, but what good can come from keeping all that knowledge to ourselves? Our goal has always been to share with homeowners, business professionals, and even up-and-coming architecture students as much useful information, tips, and news as humanly possible to give them better insight into residential and commercial design. Whether it’s budget-friendly tips on how to improve your home’s curb appeal or reasons why you need to partner with an architectural designer, you can find it all here in our blog.

Be sure to check this page frequently for engaging posts on a variety of helpful topics. And if you like what you see, please call the ML Group for your next design project.

Thank you for voting The ML Group as Best of Denton County

By Whitney Ortmeier, October 30, 2019

As many of our longtime clients are aware, The ML Group was voted best architecture firm in this year’s Best of Denton County awards. This blog post is simply meant to say THANK YOU once again to all our amazing friends, family, and clients who voted f… [READ MORE]

ML Group’s family culture is what sets us apart.

By Whitney Ortmeier, May 24, 2019

At the ML Group, we take a lot of pride in our work. But creating innovative residential and commercial design plans barely scratches the surface when it comes to punctuating what makes our architecture firm so valuable. At our core, our family culture… [READ MORE]

Don’t overthink your home’s curb appeal – focus on the porch first

By Mike Love, March 28, 2019

When it comes to any home upgrade, one of the first places we as homeowners turn to for change is the interior. We’ll load up on new light fixtures, buy new furniture, choose a warmer shade of paint, install granite countertops, hardwood floors, and sw… [READ MORE]

Powerful sayings and quotes about architecture and design

By Mike Love, February 1, 2019

If you haven’t guessed by now, architecture is in our blood here at the ML Group. Not only do we love drawing and sketching what we feel are residential and commercial works of art, but it’s the opportunity to take a client’s ideas and dreams and bring… [READ MORE]

Buying house plans from a book isn’t the smart investment you think it is

By Mike Love, January 4, 2019

Given the popularity of home improvement and DIY shows these days, it seems like there’s nothing we as homeowners can’t do on our own with a little elbow grease. They make everything look so easy, too, whether it’s remodeling a home, flipping a house,… [READ MORE]

Tis The Season For Fireplaces

By Mike Love, December 14, 2018

It may be shocking to hear, but when designing a new house, fireplaces play a big role. Many designs include multiple fireplaces for personalized indoor and outdoor living, fireplaces with chimneys, those without chimneys, and even custom hearth rooms…. [READ MORE]

Texas is a leader in residential architecture

By Mike Love, November 1, 2018

As far back as I can recall, California has been considered the mecca for cutting-edge residential architecture. After all, not only is it the perfect climate and location for many people, but that’s where style was born, right? If you had a property a… [READ MORE]

Why you need to partner with a residential designer

By Mike Love, October 5, 2018

We meet with homeowners all the time at the ML Group, and one thing we hear the most is they really want something different. They no longer want a house that looks the same as the one next door, and in some cases, they don’t feel like it speaks to the… [READ MORE]

Students – Here’s how to become a licensed architect

By Mike Love, September 4, 2018

It’s unrealistic to expect high school students to have their entire lives planned out. But by their senior year, which is now for the Class of 2019, many of them have a pretty good idea what their career path will be. I’d like to think maybe there’s e… [READ MORE]

30 Years in Business – What Works

By Mike Love, July 5, 2018

When I decided years ago that I was going to take a leap of faith and start my own residential and commercial design firm, the first thing out of one person’s mouth was, “Are you crazy?” Looking back, they were probably right. It was no secret that I k… [READ MORE]

Students – Make the most of your summer with these tips

By Mike Love, June 4, 2018

I want to brag for a second on one of our interns at the ML Group. Her name is Stephanie Maddamma, a graduate of Marcus High School who is now a budding architecture student at Texas A&M. Stephanie is currently in Finland for the summer designing r… [READ MORE]